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The Bachelor Gives Me (And You) Dating Advice

Assuming you guys watch Bachelor in Paradise, you know that Nick Viall and I are tight buds. He’s always got my back, but shells out the tough love when he believes I need it. I hate hearing it in the moment, but I know he’s usually speaking the truth. The year leading up to Paradise, Nick and I would always get together and talk about dating…mostly my dating adventures (or lack thereof). He’s the one I would go to to breakdown dates I had with shitty guys. You know those stories…the ones that end with, “OMG, then he texted me, ‘Ashley, I could really go for a massage right now’.” No, really, I got that text following a first date once.

Anyway! Nick always encourages me to get out and date more, even if it’s just for the sake of practice. He says that meeting and socializing with new people makes you a more interesting person and a better communicator/dater. I guess he has a point…but I also really like the couch and Grey’s Anatomy binging…According to this thought, Nick is becoming a MUCH more interesting person right as we speak as he’s simultaneously dating 25 girls. Oh, the stories he’ll come back with…

I’m missing that dude SO much since he’s left to film The Bachelor. I taped this video with him back in early July just a couple weeks after we wrapped Paradise. He’s been such a good big brother figure to me, I wanted to share a little bit of his guidance with you. I finally got around to editing this Ashley & Nick chat, similar to ones you’d hear if you were eaves dropping on us while devouring chocolate chip cookies at Joan’s on Third in L.A. Our conversations that aired on Paradise were some of my favorite moments of the season. If you liked those, you’ll love this!

The audio sucks so I’d recommend putting some earphones in. I’m really pissed about this quality by the way, but it’s too cute of a convo not to share. (We had to do this via FaceTime  since I was in VA most of the summer. THEN when I got my new apartment in L.A. he became a busy Bachelor. Wah. Wah.)


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As a true pisces, I live in a magical and delusional land in my head. In this world romances unfold the way they do in romantic comedies, everything at Sephora is free, Shake Shake burgers are a diet food, and we have the capability to clone Harry Styles.

In real life (what's that?), I spend my days pondering how Kylie Jenner's face changed so much. I'm a beauty junkie and pop culture-loving wedding videographer and freelance journalist. I have a Princess Jasmine complex. I am a Fanson (die hard Hanson fan). I enjoy belting old Celine Dion songs.

Please take everything I say seriously (I have my Masters in journalism from Syracuse University), but not too seriously (Cosmo is my favorite publication.)

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  1. I’m with you (or was it Nick?) that said we play too many games. I think we are fighting an impossible battle. We don’t want to play games but we don’t want to try to hard. We want to “make a statement” but not show too much interest too soon.

    Then the rules completely change if they actually like you and you establish a relationship.

    I just want to go back to grade school where we sent each other notes that said ” do you like me. check yes or no!” HA …. life was so much easier.

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