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Photo Cred: ABC The Bachelor
Photo Cred: ABC The Bachelor

First and foremost, I want to thank for shouting out Duchess Kimberly. I’ve been a fan of Glamour since I was 15-years-old. Its material, including, has greatly influenced my writing style and my interest in beauty products.

In last night’s Episode 4 of The Bachelor, I was wearing my American flag bathing suit and I wanted to play up the whole Americana thing, so I swiped on that red lip, classic thing that he seemed to like.

I felt like I stepped out of an Eagles song as I rode in that red vintage car that matched my lipstick through the California hills with that all-American, handsome man at the wheel. I also had that long hair, slicked back black cropped top. (You’re catching on to the Taylor Swift puns, correct?) The radio in my mind played some mix of Peaceful Easy Feeling and Life in the Fast Lane.

Photo Cred: ABC The Bachelor
Photo Cred: ABC The Bachelor

Ok, enough about feelings! You see enough of my feelings on Monday nights. Let’s talk lipstick. While I usually stick to light pinks and nudes, it’s always nice to deviate from your signature every once in a while. The red lip I was wearing is Mac’s Retro Matte in Ruby Woo.

Oops, I took the princess thing too far. Photo Cred: ABC The Bachelor

I first recommended this shade in the Summer Shades blog post. I never wore a red lip until I found this lipstick. I just felt red never looked right on me. I read that Ruby Woo was supposed to be universally flattering to all skin tones. I thought I’d give it a whirl and I’m so glad I did. This red sticks to your lips for hours. I LOVE the density of this product’s pigment. I do use the accompanying lip pencil, but this lipstick is ultra matte and doesn’t bleed so you barley need it!

It’s a great shade to use when you’re feeling bold and wanting to stand out. Don’t forget, with cherry lips and crystal skies, you can show him incredible things. 😉

Stressing with my homies per usual. Photo Cred: ABC The Bachelor

Now for the version of me that pretty much defines “nightmare dressed like a daydream”…My “Cinderella” dress. This dress weighs at least 5 pounds. I’ve got to say, it’s stunning. Designer Sherri Hill really knows how to make a princess dress, from Jasmine to Cinderella. This was the 3rd Sherri Hill dress I’ve worn this season. It’s dress design number 11069 if you’re thinking about buying it. I went ham at Coco Chateau before leaving for L.A. The wonderful ladies at the shop in Little Falls, NJ were truly my Fairy Godmothers.

Lastly, in the midst of all the absolutely awkwardness and blubbery emotion that I spewed during the cocktail party at least I had some great blush on. All of us girls actually received this blush while at the mansion. It’s the Flushed : Bronzed Goddess collection by Dimitri James’s makeup line SKINN.

Flushed or blushing? Photo Cred: ABC The Bachelor
Flushed or blushing? Photo Cred: ABC The Bachelor



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As a true pisces, I live in a magical and delusional land in my head. In this world romances unfold the way they do in romantic comedies, everything at Sephora is free, Shake Shake burgers are a diet food, and we have the capability to clone Harry Styles.

In real life (what's that?), I spend my days pondering how Kylie Jenner's face changed so much. I'm a beauty junkie and pop culture-loving wedding videographer and freelance journalist. I have a Princess Jasmine complex. I am a Fanson (die hard Hanson fan). I enjoy belting old Celine Dion songs.

Please take everything I say seriously (I have my Masters in journalism from Syracuse University), but not too seriously (Cosmo is my favorite publication.)

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