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If You Want Kylie Jenner Lips…

…You’ve got to get lip injections (despite what she may say). If you want full lips, all you need is Dior Contour lip liner.

Pre-cocktail party touchup

The shade I’m using here is in Jungle Brown. It’s the closest to my natural lip shade. I draw it on right on the outside edges of my lips and it’s amazingly volumizing. That’s right, people. This goes against everything you learned growing up. DRAW OUTSIDE THE LINES. When we grow up we realize that staying in the lines is what boring people want you to do.

Dior’s Contour lip pencil glides on easily and stays put. I wear it with a nude, natural looking lipstick or with just lip balm. I’m telling you no makeup look is complete without lipliner.

Dior Contour in Jungle Brown
Dior Contour in Jungle Brown

I don’t feel the need to buy fancy brands for all makeup. (Mascara, go to the drugstore!) I think when it comes to pigment, you need high quality. This $30 lipliner shows up without needing multiple layers. It will last you months too.

P.S. My Jasmine-captured-by-Jafar themed dress is again by Sherri Hill. And yes, Amanda wore the same dress in black & blue the first night.

P.S.S. I shouldn’t have worn the gold hoop earrings with the white bikini. My fashion bad.

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As a true pisces, I live in a magical and delusional land in my head. In this world romances unfold the way they do in romantic comedies, everything at Sephora is free, Shake Shake burgers are a diet food, and we have the capability to clone Harry Styles.

In real life (what's that?), I spend my days pondering how Kylie Jenner's face changed so much. I'm a beauty junkie and pop culture-loving wedding videographer and freelance journalist. I have a Princess Jasmine complex. I am a Fanson (die hard Hanson fan). I enjoy belting old Celine Dion songs.

Please take everything I say seriously (I have my Masters in journalism from Syracuse University), but not too seriously (Cosmo is my favorite publication.)

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